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 Opt in E Mail List: E mail Marketing The basics

E mail marketing is a cornerstone for any business today be it online or off line.
As an internet marketer, building your e mail list is an activity you want to engage in early and aggressively.

But what is email marketing and why all the fuss?

What is email marketing?

E mail marketing has been around for a while now and is simply a form of direct marketing where you communicate with potential customers via e mail

But it is not as simple as it may initially appear.

The questions that any affiliate marketer or internet marketer should be asking him or herself are

Before we go one step further you need to know that by email marketing, we are referring to marketing to people who have WILLINGLY  given you their email addresses with the understanding that they will get promotional emails from time to time from you. They have opted in to your email list. This is very important for two reasons

  • People who have opted in to your email list are more likely to read your emails and respond to what it is you are telling them ie convert
  • Sending unsolicited emails is spam.

Why Email Marketing?

There are a hundred and one reasons why you as an internet marketer do not want to ignore email marketing and we will go over just a few of them here

Email Marketing Benefit 1: Build relationships.

It is well known in the world of internet marketing that people usually do not make a purchase at first contact with any promotion. The web user of today is very wary of scams and identity theft and all whatnot. So you need to establish trust and build a relationship with them. If you have their email address, it is easy to send a series of  emails containing really useful information in your niche to them, thereby establishing trust and reputation with your email recipients. Once trust is established, getting them to seriously consider a product you are promoting is more likely to be successful

Email Marketing Benefit 2: Gentle reminders.

Research has shown that the average buyer has seen an advert no less than seven times before making a purchase. If someone lands on your webpage promoting a product, they may not buy it immediately, not click on your affiliate link and move on.
But hey they read your presell and consciously or subconsciously, the information they got on your site has been internalized.
They later come across someone else's sales pitch for the same product, the brain cells kind of remember vague details of the ground work you have already done. And maybe buying the product is not such a bad idea after all!!

 By the time they purchase the product, it is not off your affiliate link and they can't even remember your site anyway, so who gets the commission for the sale? Not you. Not a good thing.

But via email marketing, you can send gentle reminders of the promotion you first made. Help them along in the 'considering the product' process Be their seven exposures to the advert but please do not overwhelm them with your promotions.
This increases the chances of them buying via your affiliate link when they eventually make the decision to buy

Email Marketing Benefit 3: Reach

Did you know that over 90% of web users access the internet mainly to view their emails? Andover 30% of internet users check their email accounts more than once a day.

There are over 450 million email boxes now. Think about the reach of the humble email. You sit down and write an email and you can reach thousands of people personally all at the click of a button

Email marketing Benefit 4: Cost

Imagine for a minute that you want to send mail to your 1000 customers by regular mail. I am sure we all remember the business calenders sent at Christmas. Think about the cost of envelopes, postage etc.

With email marketing, you get your message out without the added expense.

Email Marketing Benefit 5: Measurable

As an internet marketer it is important to find out which campaigns are working ie making you money and which aren't. We are also encouraged to test everything. E mail marketing is trackable. You can test things like your headline, sales pitch that yields the highest conversions etc.


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