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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: Affiliate marketing articles for the newbie

This is a collection of internet marketing articles to explain the basics of affiliate marketing to the newbie. These articles are by no means a comprehensive guide. I suggest that if you are new to affiliate or internet marketing, you should spend some time studying these articles so that you become comfortable with the concepts of affiliate marketing before you start building your first niche targeted site

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The basic principles of affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? A simple explanation of what affiliate marketing is.

Mindset of an affiliate marketing entrepreneur: Psychologic approach to affiliate marketing

Time frame for your affiliate marketing business: A suggested time frame for your affiliate marketing business. From concept to publishing an up and running website

Niche and product research

How to find a niche: A guide to researching a niche

Choosing the right keywords: A guide to keyword research

Detailed guide to niche research: As a follow up to the above article, here is a detailed step by step guide on researching or finding a niche

Selecting your product: Pitfalls to watch out for in selecting products to promote as an affiliate

Adsense makes sense

Basic guide to google adsense

Adsense Brainstorm: Review of essential components of adsense targeted sites

Mesothelioma Myths: A pitfall of most affiliate marketing newbies

Make Money with Adsense: Tips on how to maximize your income with adsense

Tools of the trade

Free HTML Editors: A few free HTML editors that you can download now and get building.

Building and publishing your affiliate marketing site

How to build a website: Basics of website building including links to free HTML editors

How to Choose a Domain Name: Crucial tips on choosing a domain name

Basic structure of google friendly pages: A basic introduction to page set up and a description of different types of tags

On Page Search Engine Optimization: Tips on how to improve you website's ranking with the search engines

What is HTML code: Some useful tips on HTML

Web Hosting Brainstorm: How to select a hosting account

Blogs and blogging

Create a blog: Basics about blogs and how to create a blog

Create Blog content: Fundermental steps you must take to have a successful blog

Monetize your blog: Generate passive income from your blog

Traffic is the key to success in affiliate marketing

Promoting your website: Now you have a great site, you must let the world know it exists

Autoresponders: A must have in your affiliate marketing business

Pay per click advertising: An explanation of what PPC is and some loopholes to avoid

Google Adwords: Get a basic but crucial understanding of Google Adwords here

Tracking Your Website Visitors: The why and how.

Search Engine optimization


Website Conversion Videos: A collection of videos reviewing live websites with crucial tips on improving performance. Watch, learn and apply to your own websites.

Internet marketing articles for newbies is frequently updated with new articles and some changes are made on old article on this page to keep up with changes in the world of internet marketing.


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