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 Opt in E Mail List: E mail Marketing How To Build An Email List

The money is in the list. But not any old list.
There are several ways to get an email list but only one works in the long term and what method is this?

Build your own list!!

Methods Of Building An Opt In E Mail List

List Building Method 1: Opt In Form Dedicated Webpage.

This is the best method of building an opt in email list.. It consists simply of having a webpage that is dedicated solely to building your opt in list.
Obviously there are a few things you need to do to make this work
  • Niche Specific. The content of your opt in page must be niche specific. Because your list should be niche specific. It does not do to have an opt in list that is too general, you just will not get the conversions from your emails. The same principles that apply in setting up an affiliate marketing website apply when it comes to setting up your opt in page.
  • The opt in form: There are certain things that have been shown to increase the opt in rate of your opt in form. The opt in form gives you details on how to get an opt in form for your page and the best format to use.
  • Keep It Simple: The email list building page should be kept as simple as possible. You do not want anything distracting your visitors attention from the main purpose [should be the only purpose] of the page which is getting the visitor's email address. That means No fancy graphics, no adsense ads, no banners, no nothing. Just the simple short message, the opt in incentive and the opt in form. Period!

Once you have built your opt in webpage, you simply drive traffic to it


Autoresponders by AWeber

List Building Method 2: Opt in form on your website.

In this scenario, the opt in form is a small component of a webpage. This may be your traditional website or a blog. This is a webpage that has content other than your opt in form and already has some traffic. 
Some tips on getting the most out of an opt in form incorporated into an existing webpage are

  • Prominence: Place your opt in form somewhere prominent on your webpage. Preferably above the fold of the page. Some people put their opt in forms on pop ups but people are increasingly irritated by pop ups. I suppose it is something you have to try on your own sites and see what works best.
  • Niche specific opt in offer. You must know what type of people come to the particular webpage your opt in form is on. Make sure your opt in form inducement is something that the users of that page will be interested in.

List Building Method 3: Joint Ventures [JVs]

This is a quick method of rapidly increasing your opt in list. It involves providing a free product which could be a free report, software or video tutorials. This product should be of good quality and the better the product is the better it will perform in a JV. You then approach an affiliate marketer in your niche but with a big list and ask him if you could have a giveaway JV with him. The benefit for the big marketer is more products in his free giveaway drive, the benefit for you  is wider exposure for your product and a rapid increase in your opt in list.
To get the most out of joint ventures in your list building campaign
  • High Quality product. Your product or opt in incentive must be of high quality. It must have a perceived value that is high.
  • Use Videos. In my experience, video tutorials have been more effective in generating opt ins than e books and reports. However if you cannot produce a video or pay someone to do it for you, a good e book will suffice
  • Put a dollar value on your product. A products value may not be perceived by your audience unless you clearly state it to them. Some people will sign up for your product simply because of the value tag you attach to it. Be aware though that if you put a value tag on your product, then it must be of comparative quality to products in that price range.

There are several giveaway events that are run by different super affiliates throughout the year.

Here are some list building methods that don't work

Buying an email list: This just does not work.
  •  The emails are not people who opted in to your email list and no matter how compelling your head line is, most will end up in the spam folder
  • You do not know the source of the emails you are buying, the niches they opted in for, whether they are legitimate or made up.
  • Other marketers, thousands of them, have bought the same email list and are busy sending emails to these addresses. This just means the recipients are probably already irritated and are less likely to read your emails
  • List brokers tend to work on a commision basis. This could result in them trying to sell you as big a list as possible, even though the addresses are not relevant to your niche
Scraping Email Addresses From The Internet.
  • Called SPAM. Against the law
Scraping your personal mailbox:
This is just such a bad idea. I know it seems logical to include all your friends in your business opt in list. In real terms this does not work.

  • Your friends gave you their emails for social reasons. Do not abuse that.
  • Your friends are not necessarily interested in your niche so unless they show a specific interest and ask to be included in your opt in list, don't include them on your list.


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