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Email Marketing: Tips On Maximizing Profits From Your Opt-in Email List

Email marketing is a must do for anyone in the business of online or affiliate marketing.

The money is in the list but there is more to it than that. The money comes in only if you manage your list properly and professionally.

The aim is to convert your email list into a well oiled money making machine. This is not going to be easy but with hard work and the correct approach, you can make a decent income from your email marketing campaign

Crucial components of the emails in your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing tip 1: Before you drive traffic to your opt in form, you need to have written at least 20 emails in your email sequence. It gives a very unprofessional impression if people opt in to your email list and do not get the emails expected. Because you haven't written them yet!! Yikes

Email marketing tip 2: Do not email them everyday. They will get overexposure desensitization. Make them wait for your emails. Once or twice a week should suffice. This gives them enough time to read, understand and act on your last email before you send another.

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Email marketing tip 3: Do not promote a product in every email. In fact most of the emails you send should be full of useful information and free products. Establish a relationship with your email list. Earn their respect and trust, this way when you do make a sales pitch, the response rate will be high. They trust you so they will seriously consider your recommendations or products.

Email marketing tip 4: An attention grabbing headline. you must write headlines that compel your subscribers to open your emails. Do not make your headlines spammy or pitchy. Give enough away in your headline to arouse their curiosity but do not give away the whole story here.

Email marketing tip 5: Remember that most buyers are not compulsive buyers. In fact the majority of buyers need to see a product pitched [tastefully of course] about 5 to 7 times before they will buy. You must keep this in mind when you design your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing tip 6: Always include a link to your website in your signature. This is a very valuable source of traffic to your websites. But do not overdo it. There is a newsletter i subscribe to that the author has about 15 website URLs attached to his signature. If you ask me, I could not tell you a single one of these URLs because i just cannot be bothered to read them all. The share bulk just puts me off!!

Email marketing tip 7: Get them to whitelist your email address. You must give them instructions on how to whitelist your email address or your emails will be caught in spam filters

Email marketing tip 8: Avoid the use of words that trigger the spam filters. Examples include free, online pharmacy, hidden assets, 100% free, earn extra cash, $$$, extra income.  Avoid using them especially in your subject line

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