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 Opt in E Mail List: E mail Marketing The Law

Email marketing is a way of increasing profits from your affiliate marketing or internet marketing business.

Due to an inordinate amount of spam, the CAN SPAM act became law in the United States on January 1 2004

CAN SPAM means Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act

Important aspects of the CAN SPAM law include

  • Opt Out mechanism. You must give all your opt ins a method of opting out of your email list in every email you send. If you use a reputable service like aweber, this is automatically built in to your email sequence. You must honor this opt out request and are given 10 days by law to stop sending emails to the recipient
  • Misleading headers. The 'from', 'to' and routing information on your emails must be accurate. This also refers to the originating ip address and domain name.
  • Misleading subject lines: The subject line must not deceive the recipient with regards to the content of the email
  • Commercial emails must be identified as an advertisement and contain a valid physical address
  • You can not sell or share the email addresses of people who have opted out of your list
It is strange that the CAN SPAM act does not actually require you to get permission from the recipient before sending a marketing email. Hence spammers often refer to the CAN SPAM act as YOU CAN SPAM act

In spite of this, it is highly recommended that you apply an opt in policy when building your email list. Your business' reputation is at stake if you do otherwise


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