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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: Resources

This is a list of the resources out there that in my opinion are good. They are the same resources i have used to get my affiliate marketing business up from ground level to where it is now We have categorized them into ebooks, videos and complete programs, tools

E Books


Rosalind Gardener's Super Affiliate Handbook

Super Affiliate Handbook

Rosalind Gardner. A previous air traffic controller, who makes up to half a million dollars a year now. Talk about a pay rise.

Her hand book gives you a step by step guide on building your affiliate marketing business. She explains all the jargon and breaks things down to simple to understand blocks

The e book teaches you

How to come up with good topics i.e. find your niche

How to research your topic

Find out your topics profitability

Set up your affiliate campaigns

What products to promote

Choosing affiliate programmes

A must have if you are serious about this business

Cost is about $50 for now

To get Rosalind Gardner’s e book click here

Instant Payday Formula
Instant Payday Formula

If you can get beyond the really hyped and extremely long sales page, Kim Roach's new product, Instant Payday Formula is actually pretty good.

A video training program mainly aimed at affiliate marketing newbies and people of intermediate experience

Kim covers

  • Market Research
  • Building Your Squeeze page
  • Generating Traffic
  • Link Building
  • Email marketing
A program I wish was around when I first started in affiliate marketing

Very highly recommended

Cost $77 [real value for your money]

More info at Kim's Instant Formula

Advanced Users

Marketing Beginners


This is the one membership site

What the hermit has done here is pretty amazing.

All the affiliate marketing e-books you will ever need all in one place.

You can go to the site and get the free membership, which rocks in itself

But take advantage of the one time offer [I did and am i still tickled pink about it, talk about a bargain!!] and you open Aladdin's cave

Don't even think about it

Click Top membership site for more details or to get your awesome package

If there is only one membership site you can join, this is it.

Affiliate Project X
AFFILIATE PROJECTX: This is written by a marketer about a year after he started in this business. He explains

How to choose high turn over affiliate programmes

How to use clickbank [an affiliate marketing network which is crucial to your new business] effectively

How to promote your site

Slick techniques to build your business

How to write and publish your own e books as an adjunct to your promotions

He is said to be making an income in six figures from his marketing business. Amazing since he is a relatively new player.

View the Affiliate project X site here


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