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Search Engine optimization - Web site Content: Content is king

In your search engine optimization [SEO] efforts attention needs to be paid to three factors
  • Unique content Which we will discuss here
  • Keyword density and keyword relevance
  • Link popularity

The last two are discussed elsewhere on this web site

So you must have heard the statement, Content is king!! This is so true but with some modification
Unique, frequently updated, useful content is king!!

It is no longer acceptable to write any old shpill on any old topic and put it up as a webpage.

In writing the content of your web site you must bear in mind Googles main goal.

We focus on Google because it controls the lion's share of the search engines traffic

Google aims to deliver relevant, up to date, cutting edge information to anyone that enters a query into their search engine.

It is because of their ability to do this that google has become the search engine king of the Internet, and will remain so for the foreseeable future

So your web site content must match the keywords you are targeting from the search engine optimization point of view with pin point, laser targeted accuracy

Also google does not like stale web site content so you must update your web pages from time to time. You can get fresh content by

  • Writing content yourself. This is what i do in most of my web sites. This gives you complete control of what content is on your webpages. The downside of this is it is quite time consuming coming up with fresh content and not everyone can write.
  • Get content written for you by freelance authors. You can pay a reasonably affordable amount of money and get someone to write you a bunch of unique, keyword targeted articles. Advantage of this is that they are professional writers so they will give you well optimized content. Usually!! A web site that offers such a service is Elance
  • Get Private label rights [PLR] articles. They cost you a pittance and you can alter them however you wish and use them as you want. There is some great content to be had in PLR articles.
  • Use RSS feeds. RSS stands for really simple syndication. It is a way of streaming information from other web sites onto your webpage
  • Allow your web site's visitors to comment on your content. The comments they live go towards the content of your web site and could contribute greatly to your search engine optimization
The main point to take away from this page is that the first place to start your search engine optimization campaign is by writing pages with unique, fresh web site content


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