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What Is Website Hosting. Web Site Hosting Brainstorm

A web site hosting service allows you to make your site accessible to the web.

The website hosting service rents you some space on their server which is where you site your website. A server is just a 'computer' connected to the internet all the time

You transfer your website, including all your website's files including images, CSS sheet (if you are using one) and web pages, to the space on the hosting server using a file transfer protocol

When choosing a hosting service, the hosting uptime, i.e. the percentage of time that the server is accessible to your visitors is important. For your marketing website an uptime of a mnimum of 99% is essential

Web hosting options

Free Web Hosting:

Generally to be avoided if you are serious about your affiliate marketing business.

  • Free web hosting runs ads [usually google ads or banner ads] on your web page in the most prominent area and all the clicks earn revenue the hosting company rather than you.
  • A lot of free hosting services give you a domain name with their name in the URL e.g
  • The downtime could be more with free hosting resulting in loss of revenue for your affiliate marketing business. You cannot get visitors if your website is not live
  • Bandwidth is limited. The Bandwidth determines how much data can be retrieved from you websites server. If you are lucky enough to have lots of visitors, your site may crash because of insufficient bandwidth
  • Your affiliate marketing business might not be taken seriously by your visitors. Who is going to buy a $50 product from a site with "hosted free by whoever" splashed across the top of the page

Cheap Web hosting:

I avoid this but if you are new to affiliate marketing and testing out an idea the perhaps using cheap hosting is appropriate.

  • The only real advantage of Cheap web hosting over free web Hosting is that there are no hosting company adverts posted on your site.
  • If there are any google ads it is because you placed them there and they will be earning revenue for you
  • Downtime and bandwidth issues still apply
  • Limited storage space. If you plan to build a thousand page web site with videos and lots of graphics, cheap web hosting is not for you
  • Limited range of functionality

Premium web hosting Accounts:

This is a must if you are serious about setting up an affiliate marketing website. Advantages include

  • Loads of Storage
  • Bucket loads of Bandwidth
  • Most reputable hosting companies will allow you to host 5 to 10 URLs on one premium account
  • Usually supports the whole spectrum of addons and languages e.g unlimited email accounts, wordpress, Scripts like PHP and Perl, database management e.g mySQL
  • Other addons like shopping cart and tracking


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