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Create blog content for profit

So now you know where to create your blog and how to create your blog, how do you decide what your blog is about and what your posts should be about?

You must always keep in mind that you want to create a blog that ranks highly with the search engines for your chosen keyword or phrase.

The first thing you must decide is what niche are you targeting with your blog. This is a very important step to take before creating the blog.

Blog title and description.

You must pay careful attention when deciding on your blogs title and description. These two things are displayed on every page of your blog.

Once you have decided the niche and identified a good keyword or phrase, include this keyword in the title of your blog and in your blog description. So if your blog is on credit card scams, then your blogger blog name could be and your blog title would be credit card scams.

Blogger gives you a place to insert your blog description. Write a short description that includes your keyword phrase and variations of that keyword phrase. So your description in the above example could be 'a collection of all known credit card scams and identity theft and tips on how to protect yourself online'. Something along those lines

Blog posts

  • Blogger allows you to allocate each post its own unique webpage. This means that you can optimize each post for a certain keyword or phrase.

When you write each post apply search engine optimization techniques that you would for a regular website i.e keyword density, keyword prominence and latent semantics

Make sure that whenever you post to your blog, you think about what keyword you want that particular post to rank for and optimize your article accordingly.

  • Write in an informal interesting manner. Make your posts conversational, like you are having a chat with your reader. Inject your own personal style into each and every post
No one wants to read a blog that reads like a further maths text book. Most people are on line to relax, so help them do so with the tone of your blog.

  • Use the links option on every post to link back to a related page on your regular website
  • Post regularly on your blog so as to keep your visitors coming back. You need fresh content to keep your blog alive.

The best place to get ideas about blog titles and blog content is to look at other blogs in your niche and see what you can learn from them. The blog titles that catch your eye, the blogs that rank high in the search engines. You want to know about their format, how regularly they post, what their writing style is. Just learn, learn learn. Then adopt and implement the techniques you learn.

To find other blogs in your chosen niche go to

Read our section on blog monetization to learn how you can make some money from your newly created blog

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