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Basic guide to google adsense

So What is adsense?

Adsense is ad serving program run by google. It allows you, the website owner, to make some money by having google ads placed on your site.

Google ads are adverts placed by merchants and other businesses that want to generate traffic to their business. The advertisers access this service run by Google via the adwords program

When an advertiser applies to adwords, they are prompted to design advertisements using a pre given set of guidelines. These advertisements are then displayed as adsense ads by Google on their search engine results pages for relevant searches.

They are the ads you see listed, under the title sponsored links, down the right side of a search results page of google.

Adwords ads are also displayed on websites that have applied for and are accepted to the Adsense program.

The advertiser or merchant only pays when a visitor clicks on his ad and is taken to his designated site [hence the term pay per click]

When you apply for google adsense [as opposed to adwords] google will give you a piece of HTML code to insert into the code of your page or pages.

When you upload your site, google places targeted ads on the area of your page you have selected. The ads are targeted because google only places ads that are relevant to the CONTENT of your webpage.

So if your site is on hair products, google will place hair product ads, hair care ads etc on your page. These ads are placed on the area preselected by you.

So what is in it for you?

Anytime a visitor to your website clicks on a google ad displayed on your site, google pays you a small amount. The amount you get varies with the ad.

There are ads in niches that are rumored to generate $50 per click and ads in the $0.10 per click.

Finding an appropriate niche for you to build your adsense sites around

It is tempting to rush out and find the niches with high paying adsense BUT you will find that these are highly competitive niches and getting a significant number of visitors to your site may prove prohibitively difficult.

I suggest you find a niche that YOU are passionate about, find out if there are google ads for that niche.

You can find this out by typing your niche keyword or keyword phrase into the google search bar.

If there are google ads in this niche, you will see them displayed down the right side of the page under the title sponsored links.

If there are google ads in YOU chosen niche then you have a win-win situation.

So where do you go from here with regards to making money with adsense?

Go out, research your content, build your search engine optimized page, apply for google adsense, publish your site and start working on sending traffic to your site.

You may not get a gazillion dollars per click but if you build a content rich, relevant site with a good flow of traffic, you should see a constant flow of a moderate amount of income from your google adsense project.

Remember,it is easier to continue developing your website and put in the endless hours of research if it is a niche you are excited about.

Oh and it is free to have google ads displayed on your site. Funny i didn't mention that earlier!!

In the adsense program, you can also apply to put a google search bar on your page.

Or promote Google adsense

It all adds up, so to speak.

To learn more about the Google adsense program please click on the button below once you have finished reading this page.

A must do, a great way to monetize your website.

Some people build websites just for Google Adsense!!

Now you may decide that you want to seriously pursue making money with adsense. A great idea which has made some people a significant income. I suggest you take a look at this great adsense training program before you start.

It is inexpensive and teaches you in video format the tricks you need to make your adsense campaigns viable

Click here to view this excellent program which, by the way, I use.


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