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Yahoo Answers For Increased Website Traffic

Yahoo answers is a good source of targeted free traffic to your website or blog if used properly

To get the best out of Yahoo answers you need to read their terms of service and stay well within them

Advantages of Yahoo answers include

  • Free
  • Targeted traffic
  • Your potential visitor tells you exactly what they want
  • Long term traffic source

So what is Yahoo answers?

Yahoo answers is an interactive website by Yahoo where almost all the content is provided by members of the public.

It is a question and answer site where some mebers of the public ask questions and other members of the general public provide answers to the best of their knowledge.

To ask or answer questions on Yahoo answers, you need to have a Yahoo account

Yahoo Answers and other answer sites compared

Yahoo answers allows you to include links in your answers.

This is why Yahoo answers is so great for driving targeted traffic to your site. As long as it is not an affiliate links or a link to an adult site, links are allowed

Obviously Yahoo does not want the whole place overrun with spammers so answer questions with useful and relevant information and only add links to less than 10% of your answers

The links on Yahoo answers are no follow but the amount of traffic that Affiliate Marketing Introduction gets from Yahoo answers is significant

Now some of the questions have high search engine results page positions for certain keywords. So your answer is not only viewed by people who use and know Yahoo Answers but, if you are lucky, the question you answer could be one that  has good SERP position

How to use Yahoo Answers To Increase Website Traffic

1. Yahoo account

You need to get a yahoo account for this. Don't worry it's free. If you already use Yahoo as your email provider then you already have a yahoo account

If not, go to the Yahoo Answers home page at and sign up for a free account.

Yahoo Answers

2. Browse The Categories

Yahoo answer is organized in categories.
These are listed down the left side of the homepage. Each category has subcategories.
Go through the categories to see which is most closely related to your niche

Yahoo Answers Categories

3. Answer Questions

Questions on Yahoo answers are open for answers for only three days . After this, although you can still view the questions and answers, you can no longer post your own answers.

Find questions that are still open that you can answer and include a link to your website in your answer. Obviously you only include the link in your answers where appropriate ie more info at or for a complete review go here.

  • Do not add links to all of your answers. Your answers will be flagged and removed if you do this. Links on less than 10% of your answers
  • Do not add links inappropriately
  • Do not add affiliate links.
  • Best thing is to put a post on your blog with detailed information on the question and link from your Yahoo answer to that blog post
  • Make sure your answers are directly relevant to the question being asked.

That's it. Simple, straight forward and effective

A few points to note.

  • You get awarded points for answering questions. These points determine how many questions you can answer a day or questions you can ask. As your points accrue, you go up levels. The higher the level you attain, the more questions you are allowed to answer a day
  • Do not try to spam Yahoo Answers. Make sure your answers are informative and relevant to the question being asked
  • Read the Terms of Service. This is very important,. If you remain within the TOS of Yahoo, Yahoo answers can be a very good of sustained long term traffic to your website or blog

Problem With Yahoo Answers

It is only fair that I share with you the down side of the Yahoo answers service before you invest your time in it

  • Best Answer. In my time using Yahoo answers, I have found that with some questions the choice for best answer is often bizarre. I have tried to look at different questions and answers given and honestly for some just cannot fathom why the answer chosen as best answer was selected. I suppose it is really about different strokes for different folk. Whether or not your answer is chosen as best answer, it will still get some attention so don't despair

  • Account suspension. Yes, there is the risk of your account with Yahoo answers getting suspended without so much as a by your leave. Someone makes some complaint about your answer and my suspicion is it often is a marketing competitor and ... like a wisp of smoke your account is gone. SO just back up your answers. You can always format them into a blog if your Yahoo answers account gets deleted


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