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How to build a website | Learn how to build your own website

Now you have your niche and products, the next step is to build a website around this theme.

But I can't build a website!!

With a few instructions and the right resources you can build a website. But before you build the site there are a few things you need to address

First watch these videos

They teach you

  • how to hoose a domain name
  • Register your domain
  • Build your site
  • Get free software to help build the site
  • Get a hosting account
  • Create graphics for your site
  • Also included is free photo editing software


The steps involved in building a website and getting it live online are

  • Get a domain name.
  • Build the site
  • Get a hosting account
  • Upload the site
  • Tell the world

It really is that simple!!

These are the steps explained

Domain name

The domain name is your websites address eg That is this sites domain name. Select a domain name that is relevant to your sites content.

You can find tips at Choosing a domain name

Register your domain name

To get a domain name you need to register it with a domain name registrar. Registration involves a fee, usually less than $10 a year.

The registrar keeps a record of all domain names that are not available avoiding the possibility of two people buying the same domain name

You must remember to renew this registration or you will lose the domain name. You can opt to register a domain name for more than a year if you are committed to keeping the site up for a longer period of time

There are lots of registrars on the Internet but one of the most popular and reasonably priced registrars is Godaddy.  To check availability of your chosen domain name and  register it go to

Build The Site

Website building is very easy once you have the right training. Your options are

  • Get a free HTML editor and figure out how to build your site.

Affiliate marketing introduction gives you a free website generator

Easily the best free website building software, download this website builder and get started. It has instructional easy to follow videos to guide you through.

Click here to get your own free website generator [value $197]

Another, free HTML editor can be downloaded from

Other options for free website builders can be found at Free HTML editors

  • Get a program that teaches you how to build a website, gives you all the templates and graphics you need, includes hosting, domain name registration and marketing training in the package.

I recommend Ken Envoy's program if this is the choice that suits you. It is the only package that i could find that teaches and helps you implement the whole affiliate marketing process from brainstorming, through website building and publication to monetizing and promoting your site

Take a video tour of the program here. It offers a FREE TRIAL

You can also get others to build your site for you, all you do is give them the script and they will do the rest for a fee. Just search Google and don't forget to read the fine print before signing on. We don't recommend this

Hosting Account

Now you have built your niche targeted, content rich, keyword loaded website, you need to get a hosting account.

Until now your website has only existed on your laptop, now you want it on the web. For your first website I recommend getting an economy hosting account from a hosting service. Now there are several hosting companies online but I use GoDaddy and have been very happy with them. Great for newbies because they provide a good customer service.

To view GoDaddy's range of packages please click on the banner below Hosting & Servers

Uploading Your Site

Once you have built the site on your desktop and got a domain name and hosting account, there are a few things you need to do.

  • Point your domain name to the hosting account. The hosting account service will give you clear instructions on how to do this. After following their instructions, it often takes a few hours for your hosting account to be ready for use. Again instructions on this will be given you by the hosting service

  • Upload your website once your hosting account is ready. To upload your site, ie get a copy of it to live on the hosting server, you need an FTP [file transfer protocol] software. there are lots of free FTP clients available. I tend to favor filezilla but there are several others. Some hosting services provide you with an FTP client

Get The Website Indexed [Tell the world]

For anyone to visit your site, the best way is to get the site indexed in the search engines. That means letting Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines know you are here and include them in the list of sites they return when a search engine query is performed.

How to get your website indexed in the search engines is a comprehensive post that covers this aspect in detail


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