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How to use USFreeads to promote your business

USFreeads is an online classifieds website which anyone can use. Advantages of using USFreeads include

  • Backlink to your website [Although this is currently no follow]

  • Easy to optimize your ad so that your USFreead will appear on high on SERPs page of Google

  • You can use HTML on USFreeads [Premium account users]

  • You can add opt in forms to your USFreeads advert [collecting those crucial email addresses]

Tips on using USFreeads

  • Get a premium Account. It only costs about $10 per month and has so many more options than the free service. For example using HTML to write your ads.
To get you premium Account click Free Classifieds from USfreeads! Sign up for the premium account.

  • Write your ads using the 'Enhanced Classified using our easy to use HTML tools'. This allows you to
  • Write your ads using HTML [Easier to optimize for search engines]
  • Import multiple graphics to your ads
  • You may opt to write articles and post them at USFreeads
  • Link from your article or advert to your website or affiliate link
  • Run an unlimited number of ads
  • Add a paypal button to your ads
  • Add an Opt in form to your add

Maximizing USFreeads for Website Traffic

  • Write your USFreeads articles with the same attention to detail and SEO techniques as you would your landing page
  • Always add an image for the thumbnail. A picture saves a thousand words. When anyone browses a list of USfreeads posts will be more attracted to the posts with images i.e thumbnails
  • Do not write exactly the same content on your USFreead article as you have on your website or blog. Google does not like duplicate content and your site could be hurt by this.
  • Before you write your article, determine what your keyword should be. This is the same keyword that you will use to link to your website. If you are using USFree ads to improve search engine rank by generating backlinks, you must give careful thought to what you want your site to rank for,  because that is the phrase or keyword you will want to use as your backlink. For example if you want your site to rank for horse manure, then your keyword in your USFreead should be 'horse manure' and the text that you hyperlink back to your website should be 'horse manure'

  • USFreeads has no follow attribute on it's links which is bad news for Google optimization. But Yahoo and MSN do not acknowledge the no follow attribute so the links will help your website or blog's performance in those search engines

To view the USFreeads page click the banner below
Free Classifieds

Maximizing USFreeads for Affiliate Sales

  • Write your ads with a clear call to action

  • Make your USFreeads adverts short and to the point

  • Cloak your affiliate links when you add them to your advert. Read How to cloak your affiliate links

  • Remember. Your USFREEADS page is a presell. This is where you tell them what is in it for the reader. Let the merchant's site tell them the properties of the product.


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