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Traffic Exchanges and Traffic

Traffic exchanges can be a very good source of traffic to your website.

Traffic exchanges are sites where you submit your URL for traffic. To get traffic to your site, you need to browse other sites on the traffic exchange and remain on each site for a certain period of time. The number of times your site is displayed to other surfers depends on how many sites you have viewed

In my experience though the conversions from traffic exchange traffic is not as good as search engine traffic. Your sites are being displayed to people who are looking at it for the sole purpose of getting their site displayed.

If you have a really good offer though, you could convert some of the traffic

Word of Caution. Do not use traffic exchange if your site is monetized with adsense

Some useful traffic exchanges

E Cash Traffic. This traffic exchange program has a large number of customers and at the time of writing this article,there were about 100 visitors online at e cash traffic. Sign up free here

Traffic Racer. This website seems to cater specifically for affiliate marketers. It has a free opton and paid for option. There is also a handful of e books on marketing and traffic generation which are quite usefull. Learn more here

Traffic Swarm. Recommended by top affiliate marketers including ewen chia, this traffic exchange site is one of the most frequently talked about. Click here to view the site.

Website Buddy. This site has a free option and a paid option. The free option allows you to list 4 websites and 5 banners. More Website Buddy info...


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