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Setting Up An Affiliate Marketing Campaign - Time Frame

Time frame from start of learning affiliate marketing to getting your first site operational

As a new affiliate marketing business person, expectations can run unbelievably high.

You have read all the offers ‘start making money within 15 minutes of reading this e-book’ or ‘How to make $300 every day’ You know the adverts I mean.

And you have probably bought some of these products only to find IT IS ALL HYPE!!!

Don’t despair. Affiliate marketing does definitely work. You just have to give it time.

With this series of affiliate marketing introduction guides, I will give you tips that may help you in the affiliate marketing world.

First off establish a time frame within which you want to start making money with your affiliate marketing business. Be realistic.

Obviously this time frame will be affected by how quickly you assimilate facts and how much time you have to spend developing your projects.

I think for the average person, 3 months is not too lofty a time frame

Month 1:

         Get one good e-book on affiliate marketing and study it thoroughly. COVER TO COVER. There is a good free e-book in the free stuff section of this website

        Search online for free information that compliments what you have learned in the ebook you have purchased

Month 2:            Find your niche

                        Find a good product in your niche

                        Research your keywords

                        Build your site

                        Publish your site [get decent hosting ]

                        Register with search engines, directories


Month 3:            Advertise your site with free classifieds

                        Check ranking

                        Tweak your site

                        Submit articles, write in forums, blogs


If a good niche expect income in about 3 months


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