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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: Search Engine Optimization - Baclinks

Getting backlinks to your site is one of the effective search engine optimization techniques that helps improve your ranking in the search engines.
You must be careful about what sites you get your backlinks from. There are some sites that google considers as bad neighborhoods. If you get links from these sites it could hurt your website's performance in the search engines, or get you banned.

Backlinks are the links to your website from other website

Backlinks help improve your website's performance in the search engines by suggested authority.

But not all backlinks do this.

The qualities that you should look out for when assessing and generating backlinks to your website include

  • Do follow attribute.

    This refers to the allocation of authority to a link.

    A do follow link, when crawled by the Google bot, allows the bot to assign some authority to the site the link is pointing to. This is used by Google when determining the relevance of sites to keyword search terms.

    With links that have the no follow attribute however, the bots can still crawl these links but will not allocate any authority to the site being linked to.

    So in a nutshell. You want the baclinks pointing to your site to be do follow

  • Page Rank [PR] of the site linking to you

    The PR of the site linking to your is quite relevant.

    The higher the PR, the more authority the outbound links from that site carry.

    So in simple terms, a backlink from a PR 6 site carries more of an SEO boost for the target website than one from a PR 2 site. But other factors must be considered

  • Number of links

    The PR boost or authority passed on from a site with outbound links is distributed amongst all the outbound links on that page.

    So if website A with PR 5 has two out bound links and website B with the same PR has 10 outbound links, the authority passed to the individual websites linking from website A will be more than that from website B.

  • The top method of generating backlinks to your website is to build a content rich, high quality website that provides real value for your visitors.
Become the authority on your chosen niche so that eventually you gain reputation and other websites will link to you.

Write articles and content that act as link bait i.e. they are of such high quality that other webmasters in your niche are compelled to link to you.

The beauty of this is because you are providing high quality content for your visitors, you will be working according to the google model and changes in ranking algorithms are not going to hurt you.

This takes a lot of time and effort so while waiting for this long term strategy to work other methods of getting backlinks are

Preview videos on increasing backlinks to your website here
  • Create a blog in the same niche. Blogs are spidered frequently by search engines and if you have backlinks on your blog to your website, the spiders follow these links to your site.
Word of caution: there are a lot of automatic, blog generating  programs and blog farms out there used by people who practice black hat SEO. If you are planning to build a long term business, I advice that you stay clear of these. In the short term you can make some money with these methods but you stand the risk of getting banned by the major search engines if you are caught. Just don't do it. Instead create an honest blog which will have unique content, your content, and helps brand you.
  • Submit posts to other people's blogs: When you submit posts to other peoples' blogs related to your niche, include your website URL in your signature. This provides a backlink to your website. Some words of caution:
  1. Do not spam other peoples' blogs. By this i mean do not submit useless comments just to get the backlink. Make sure your submissions are valid and ad some value to the blog you are on.
  2. Some blogs have no follow backlinks. These are backlinks that are visible to visitors but which are not spidered by google bots. These links are still a useful way of getting human traffic to your site
  • Article marketing or Bum Marketing: Article marketing involves you writing high quality articles on a subject related to your niche and submitting these articles to article submission sites. These sites in turn publish your articles on line including backlinks to your site. This could significantly boost your search engine position. Go to Bum marketing and Crucial article writing tips for more information.
  • Share your experience in forums in your niche. If your posts in these forums are good, the forum users will soon recognize you as an authority and some will visit your site. The link to your site is included in the your signature in the relevant blog. More information at forums for traffic.
Because successful forums have content that is frequently renewed, they tend to get spidered frequently

This is very useful in driving human traffic to your website as well as improving your website's ranking in the search engines

Finally you can preview some videos on increasing backlinks to your website by clicking here


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