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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: Promoting Your Website

Now you have a website published on the Internet, you want to get traffic to your affiliate marketing site. It is from this traffic that you will get sales. It follows therefore that the more traffic you get, the higher should be the number of affiliate referrals and sales you make. The main purpose of your website is affiliate sales. Your affiliate marketing sites must therefore occur prominently in their respective niches

I will go briefly into the areas that you need to address to achieve traffic. I will in future include detailed explanations on each of these methods either on this site or via my email list

Search Engine Listing: Having built your website around your niche you want to make it accessible to the public. Up until now, your website can only be viewed if someone types in your web address in there address bar. Unless you bought a domain name which has expired but already had traffic going to it, you have no visitors.

You need to register your website with the major search engines using keywords related to your niche. It takes weeks to months after submitting your website to the major search engines for your site to be indexed.
The search engines that you must register with to have much success are Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Once your site is indexed, if someone does a search for one of your key words in the search engine with which you are indexed, then your website will be listed on the results page.
To ensure a favorable listing position ie page one on google for a certain keyword we suggest
  • Content rich website
  • Changing content
  • Keyword, and variations of your keyword, loaded pages
  • Establish links from respected website in a related niche
Search engine optimization is a large subject which is beyond the scope of the newbie articles part of this website. I only aim here to give you an introduction to the home business of affiliate marketing. It is for you to read this website and decide where you want to go from here. I have included a free ebook on Search engine optimization in the resources section which should be a great introduction to that subject. For now aim to produce content rich pages that have some uniqueness to them.

You will come across software that will submit your site to hundreds of search engines at one click. I advise that you avoid these.

Directories: These are websites that list web addresses categorically. They are a must in your affiliate marketing campaign. The most important in my mind is Dmoz. However it takes ages to get indexed in dmoz so shop around.
Yahoo and Google also have directories.

Free Business Classifieds: These are websites that allow you to place an ad for free, usually for about 30 days. There usually is the option of a higher level premium account which you will pay a small fee for and which then gives your ads a higher profile.
A word of caution. Be very careful of sites that publish your email address on line. These sites are fertile ground for spammers.
To view the free business ad service I recommend, click Free Classifieds from USfreeads!

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Free Classifieds

Pay Per Click ads: These are services that allow you to place a small ad for which you only get charged when someone clicks on your ad. These ads are then displayed on some part of the page when someone searches for one of your keywords. You also have the option of having your ads displayed on other websites related to the particular keyword. The pay per click service that most quickly comes to mind is Google Adwords. Yahoo also has a pay per click program

Google adwords: You can advertise your site on google for a fee. This is a pay per click advert so for every click you get on your google ad, you will pay a small fee but this can add up very quickly. To view the adwords site click the banner


  • Use keywords that are specific to your niche
  • Research the keywords that you want to bid on very carefully. You may find that variations in the keyword could markedly reduce the cost of your clicks
  • Run adds that are not aimed at catching everyone. Rather word your ads so that it attracts mainly people who are likely to click through and purchase your product
  • Make sure that your landing page, ie the page that your visitors arrive on when they click on your ad grabs their attention and is relevant to the content of your ad. It is silly to make your landing page a long ramble about nothing. You have only 5 seconds to grab their attention so design your landing page with this in mind
  • Know when to discontinue or alter a campaign. If your ad is not pulling in traffic, change it. If you are getting the clicks but not the conversions to sales, then either your landing page sucks or your ad's wording is pulling in the wrong people. Don't sit on a money loosing campaign due to share stubbornness.
  • Be realistic about your daily budget or you will soon go bankrupt
  • Keep moving, keep testing things, ad wordings, click bid amount, keywords etc


Running Google adwords can be very expensive if not done properly. You are best advised to arm yourself with some information before running a google adword campaign

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Write Article on your niche: Write unique article related to your niche and submit them to an article site. Your articles should be unique and have a link to your website. I am sure you can see that if your article is interesting and gives some useful information to the reader, they are more likely than not , to come to your website. Sites include

Incidentally, if you are stuck for content for your website, you use articles from these sites but rules apply.

Participate in Forums: Don't just browse forums, write in forums. Other people are interested in what you have to say.
I found a great forum where you are encouraged to post but you are also able to place a google style ad on the forum for free.
I use the forum with great results.

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