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 Opt in E Mail List: Tips for success

As an experienced Internet marketer, you will have come across a few websites with an opt in form or even subscribed to an opt in email list or two.

What you need to concentrate on now is how to build your own opt in list and how best to market to them

The saying is true, 'The money is in the list'
Without your own opt in e mail list of targeted visitors, you are making only a fraction of your business potential.

You need to resolve to start your own opt in list. TODAY!

To help you decide what autoresponder service you should subscribe to, read our section on Autoresponders

Now lets get to it.

The Opt in Form: Any tips you get from here are gleaned from lots of experience and trial and error. This is what we find works for us.
Your opt in form must contain the following elements
  • A we hate spam statement. No-one wants to give you their email only to find that you have sold it on to a third party. Put a Can SPAM statement on your opt in form and stick to it.
  • Only ask for the minimum information necessary. On all my opt in forms I only request two pieces of information from my potential subscribers. Their first name, so I can include it in my email; and their primary email address. No age or sex or occupation or whatever else people are asking for these days. The advantages of  asking for a limited amount of information are two fold
  1. Short quick to fill opt in form: We live in an ever more impatient world. The longer your form is, the greater the risk of losing potential subscribers. People just cannot be bothered to fill in long forms
  2. Fear: People will be suspicious if you ask for too much information. In this day and age of identity theft, people are reluctant to reveal too much about themselves on line.
  • An incentive: you need to give your potential subscribers an incentive to join your opt in mailing list. Your incentive could be a free ebook or an insightful report on some subset of your niche.
What is the optimal position for your opt in form? The simple answer is above the fold of your page. Your potential subscribers should be able to easily come across your opt in email form once they arrive on your website.

Where to get an opt in form script from: All reputable Autoresponders will give you an opt in form script which you can customize.


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