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Monetize your blog. How to generate passive income from your blog

There are several ways in which you can generate money from your blog.

Now we are not saying that you will become a multimillionaire from blogging, but in your bid to building multiple streams of passive income, blogs can be useful

Blogs and Traffic: Blogs, especially blogger blogs, are indexed pretty promptly by Google and are spidered often.

These means that any post you make on a blogger blog has a pretty decent chance of being indexed within a week.

The goldmine in this is obviously with regards to backlinks to your other websites. If you have a website in the same niche as your blog, putting a backlink from your blog to your website is a good way of generating some ranking with the search engines.

You must try and use anchor tags as far as possible and vary your links

Blogs and affiliate links: You can put affiliate links in your posts. there is nothing to stop you from doing this and having a blog allows you to informally review a product that you are actually promoting. If you are using affiliate links on your blog, i highly recommend that you cloak them or  someone could steal your commissions. [Unfortunately, commission theft is still around]

Blogs and adsense: Talk about made for each other. You should have adsense displayed on your blogs. Google likes sites that have frequently updated content. Your blog, with new posts added from time to time, fits the bill. You must however remember to post to your blog from time to time. I suggest every week at the least.

A good blog with frequently renewed content, will rank highly with the search engines. High ranking means more traffic and the easiest way to monetize your traffic is adsense.

When you place adsense blocks on your blog, remember to blend them in. That is you need to make your adsense blocks similar in appearance to the content of your blog.

Although it is tempting to load your blog with banners and pop ups, i suggest you don't. You do not want your blog to look too commercial or you will turn your visitors off

A nice personalized blog with some adsense and affiliate text links within the body of your posts is the way to go

To learn how to build blogs with wordpress and how to generate traffic from your blogs click here


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