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Mesothelioma Myth

Mesothelioma is a keyword that most adsense newbies will go after.

Why? Because the cost per click on mesothelioma related adsense ads is rumoured to be approaching $100

So the adsense newbie thinks 'Oh, I will build a content rich site on mesotheliomas and all I need is two clicks a day and I am sorted'

They are so very wrong

Before you run off and do that I will save you any disappointment by explaining why this plan is ill adviced

  • That you will get $75 per click on a mesothelioma ad is a myth for most people. Yes it is true that the maximum amount of money for this keyword is stupendously high but most people get a much lower amout per click. This is probably related to click through action ie a click that results in an action will get better ads and more revenue per click than an empty click. Now I must admit that this information is not from Google but it is what i have deduced from reading the forums and my own experience.
  • There are currently 10.9 million pages indexed in google for the search term mesothelioma. A lot of these pages are genuine mesothelioma patient concern groups, mesothelioma lawyers, mesothelioma medical experts and such. So how are you the adsense newbie planning to break into this market.
  • The amount of work that you will put into this just to make an impression is better spent in a smaller, less competitive niche
  • The same advise applies to other niches like student loans as with mesothelioma


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