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Search Engine Optimization - Link Popularity

Link popularity is currently the most important factor in your search engine optimization efforts

Link popularity refers to the number of links from other websites that point back to your website

Without backlinks to your website, achieving ranking with Google is nigh impossible

Backlinks are links to your website from other people's websites. Although crucially important to your SEO backlinks are often slow to build up and can be very frustrating

Features of high quality backlinks

  • Position. The best links are those from within the body of the content on the webpage linking back to yours. These give the impression to the search engines that this is a legitimate and highly relevant link. The best way to get other webmasters to link to you from within the body of their content, i.e in the middle of the article, is to write high quality content on your pages. Called link bait. These articles are comprehensive, thoroughly researched and leave nothing out

  • PR. The PR or Google page rank of the page that is linking to yours seems to be important in the importance that the search engines ascribe to that link. It is for this reason that people selling links from their webpages try to get as high a page rank as possible. The higher the PR the more they can charge for the link

  • Anchor tags. Discussed in more detail below.

  • Link density. This refers to the number of links already on the page that is linking back to your web page. Links from a page that has a ton of links to other sites e.g links pages, don't carry as much weight as links from pages with a few or no other links

In getting backlinks to your website you must seriously consider two things

Anchor Tags
Link Neighborhood

Anchor tags are the text on the other person's website that their visitors click on to get to your website. Judicious use of anchor tags is crucial to your ranking.

Click here, for example, would not be a good anchor tag to use as this is not a term you want to optimize for. [Adobe has that corner and no-one will displace them from it]

The code for an anchor text link is

<a href="">Affiliate Marketing Introduction</a>

The above code will come up as

Affiliate Marketing Introduction

Anyone who clicks on the text will get taken to the webpage.

When generating links using anchor text, try to vary the text from time to time. Having a hundred links to a website all using the same words looks suspicious to the search engines and could get your website a penalty

Link neighbourhood: Not every backlink is a good backlink. Backlinks from link farms and websites banned by Google will seriously hurt your ranking. Also a backlink from a Google rank 8 website is more weighty than a backlink from a rank 4 website

To learn how to get backlinks to your site look at our Backlinks article

Over time and with some effort on your part you will notice that the link popularity of  your site is on the increase, improving how Google sees you from the search engine optimization view point, with a resulting increase in your website ranking


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