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Keyword Research For Affiliate Marketers

Keyword research and niche research are two totally different aspects of internet marketing. We have already discussed niche research and have pointed you to tools to make your niche discovery more productive.
But once you have decided the niche you wish to go into, it is important to determine the keyword or keywords you want to optimize your niche sites for.

So what is a keyword?

These are words or phrases that are the main theme of your website. They are the words that you want your site to appear high in the SERPs [search engine results pages] for because they are relevant to your content.

How many keywords can you optimize a website for?

If you have a many paged site then you should first identify a large number of keywords relevant to your niche.

The next step is to break down these words or phrases into groups of 3 or 4.The 3 or 4 keywords in each group must have the same theme.

Now optimize one page for the 3 keywords in one group. Then optimize another page for the keywords in another group.

So if your site is about pet dogs. You could have a

  • Group 1 Pet dog snacks

  • Pet dog chews
    Healthy treats for your Pure breed

  • Group 2 Pet dog training

    Train your dog to roll over
    Dog house training made easy

So lets say you have a 10 page website, you could end up optimizing the entire site for 30 to 40 keywords if you follow the strategy above.

This means that if successful in your optimization efforts, a search engine query for those 30 or 40 phrases will have your website appear in the early part of the results pages.

Gives you with just one site, better coverage of your niche

Trying to optimize one page for more than 3 or 4 keywords dilutes the effect of your optimization efforts and just leads to text that is poor to understand

What keywords should you optimize for?

You want to rank high in the SERPs for words or phrases that
  • Are frequently searched for
  • Are used by more serious internet users i.e. people with a mind frame to buy or looking for something specific
  • Do not have too much competition. Must add that this is not an absolute. It is possible to break into highly competitive SERPS if you are willing to put in the effort

How do I research Keywords?

First you must do your thorough niche research as highlighted on Find your niche

Once you have decided on your niche, you can fine tune things with two absolutely free tools

  • Google keyword suggestion tool.
    This is straight from Google and is a tool that tells you the search volume for a word you type in. So say your niche is pet dogs. Type in pet dogs and the keyword tool will return the search volume of that word and tell you how competitive it is. It goes a big step further by also giving you a list of other words related to your search term and tells you the search volume and competition on these also.

  • Google Insights for search.
    Another really great tool by Google. This is more a search trends tool. Once you have decided on a bunch of keywords using the keyword selection tool, you need to decide whether this is a phrase that is likely to continue to be a hot search query or on the decline. Is it seasonal or just related to some big news story and is therefore a flash in the pan. Just type in the keywords into insights and press search. You have a few options as well. You can decide if you want to investigate the keyword over the last 7 days, 90 days even 4 years. Also you can go region specific. If your market is in Japan, then you can do an insights query for just Japan. A really useful keyword tool


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