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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: Housekeeping your Affiliate Marketing Business

Wow, is this a real Business?

You bet it is. So treat it with respect!

You must approach it as you would any other 9 to 5 job that you have previously or are currently doing

GET EDUCATED: As you embark on this road to financial freedom, you need to educate yourself about money

Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Choose to be rich’ is strongly recommended. This book guides you on your path and helps you discover the personality traits that you have that can buoy you on your way to financial freedom. It helps you build a better relationship with money and helps you to achieve the mindset necessary to maintain wealth. He also teaches you about money management. To view this and other Robert Kiyosaki books click on the banner

To view 'Choose to be rich' click the image below

Kiyosaki’s book is only a primer; you need to embed yourself in finances. Watch the business segment of the news on TV, read the financial part of your dailies, surround yourself with people who want to better themselves, attend seminars, subscribe for free newsletters that are related to  affiliate marketing

WORKING HOURS: In your day time job you have certain preset working hours e.g. 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. So why should you not approach affiliate marketing with this same mindset? Online home based does not mean slack or informal! Determine what time of the day works for you, allocate a time duration and stick to it. As with any other business there will be days when you just don’t feel like it, so doing this only when the mood takes you is a sure recipe for failure. Have a work schedule!!

For example, work at this exclusively between 5 and 7 am every weekday morning. You can start working before the sun comes up then watch as the world wakes up


BE PROFESSIONAL: Do not allow interruptions while you are working. After all have you ever come across a surgeon who stops in the middle of an operation because he wants to go shopping? This is your business which has the potential to make you financially independent. Going about this, while bouncing junior on your knee, just doesn’t work. In the attention stakes, junior always wins. He’s got a louder scream!!


KEEP A RECORD OF YOUR ACTIVITIES: A simple spreadsheet will suffice. Keep a record of dates, registered sites, costs, plans, ideas, earnings etc. Because this is an online business, it is easy to lose track quickly


Whenever you do anything with regards to your project, make a note in your excel sheet, be it just surfing the net looking for ideas, or studying your material. This way you can monitor your input and progress


Make a note of your expenses. You will feel more motivated when you find your projects have made this money back and then some!! Ka-ching!!!


You don’t have to do this but I suggest opening a separate bank account for your affiliate marketing campaign


Deposit about $/£1000 in it. All your expenses for this business will come from here and all your earnings from your campaign should be paid into this account. This will make it easier for you to monitor your progress especially if you are not account statement savvy. If you need a new laptop, build your first site with your old computer. Let that site earn you the money to buy a new computer. If done right, there will be no need to further credit your account after your initial deposit


Also makes calculating your taxes easier

MOTIVATE YOURSELF: Get material that motivates you. Surround yourself with people that will support you in your business. People who are also looking to better themselves. A great website is


Pay your taxes. Like any other business, your income is taxable

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