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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: Google friendly page

Anyone can build a web page using an HTML editor, but not everyone can build a google friendly page.

By this we mean a webpage that the search engine spiders can crawl and index efficiently, is optimized for ranking and one that will not get banned by the search engines

The most important thing is to avoid content generating software. These will lead to a 1000 page website at the flick of a switch, but have certain problems
  • The content is not your own. It does not reflect your business in any way
  • The content does not read smoothly and usually is not very useful to visitors
  • Google does not like these websites and if they catch you, you could be banned!!
  • Google will catch you. Why? Because these software leave footprints on your website that the google bots can detect. Also Google is onto this practice and are ever developing ways of identifying these pages and banning them
Now to the meat of this article. What we are going to concentrate on is the layout and key components of your webpage.

Title Tag: This is the text that appears right at the top of your webpage, in the blue bar if you are using Internet explorer], when you load your webpage.

That text should be a short description of your website with your keyword or phrase included. So if your webpage is about dog training collars, then your page title could be Dog Training Collars Reviewed .[The capital letters are not by accident!]. It is advised that if your title is your keyword and nothing else, it causes a 'bad smell' with the google spiders

To edit your title tag just go into your source code in your HTML editor and near the top you will see the command <TITLE>text</TITLE>. Just replace text with whatever title you want to give your webpage.

Meta Tags: Opinions about metatags are divided at the moment. Some say that they have no relevance at all, others state that they are important but not as important as they have been, yet others claim that they are of great importance.

Anyway while the jury is out on this one,it is worth while investing a little time on your metatags.

Metatags appear between the head tags of your HTML code.

<meta content=whatever
<meta name="description" content="text again containing keyword or phrase">
<meta name="keywords" content="Your chosen keywords. Don't get carried away">

As you can see above there are several metatags, content, description and keywords

With meta description tags, if you don't have one, google will take text from your webpage and use that as your meta description tag.

What does this mean to you?

It is the metatag description that gets displayed under your title in the search engine results page when your site gets listed.

Obviously this is the first contact the majority of your visitors will have with your website so you want to keep the metatag description well under your control.

With meta keyword tags, you should include a handful of keywords or phrase but there are a few things to note

  • Do not repeat the same keyword over and over again. this is seen by the search engines as spamming
  • Keep your keyword list short. 30 keywords is absolutely ridiculous. There is no way you can optimize a web page for 30 keywords and still make sense
  • Put your most relevant or important keywords or phrases first

Heading Tags: This is the most important place to put your keywords. In the past your H1 header was the most important, but recent evidence shows that your H2 tag is increasing in relevance.

To give a piece of text a heading tag in an HTML editor, highlight the text and  near the top of your editor should be a drop down menu with the word Body Text displayed.

Click on the arrow and select heading 1 or 2 or whatever and you are done.

Body Text: Keep this short and sweet. You have heard that content is king. Your content must be unique, interesting and easy to read. Do not ramble, get to the point and move on. Review our page on content for more on body text

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