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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: Google Adwords [Google Ads], a leading pay per click service

Google Adwords is the leading pay per click service on the Internet.

If you are considering using PPC to promote your affiliate marketing campaign then you must consider Google.

They have the lions share of the market and they are still the most popular search engine on the Internet.

When you place a PPC ad with google, it appears on Google's SERPs page.

It also appears on AOL, Compuserve, Tiscali, Nextag, Ask, Netscape, Virgin, NTL,, Vogue, timesonline, HowStuffWorks, Earthlink and many more.

Google adwords format is pretty universal.
The ads are 4 line.
  • The heading: This is the top line of your ad. It is the attention grabber so you must put some thought into wording your headline. Also, you are only allowed  25 characters so you must be succinct
  • The main ad. This is over two lines and is the main pitch of your ad. It is advised that  the first line of the main body should state the benefits of your site ie. what is in it for your visitor. The second line should be used to prequalify you prospects. By prequalifying is meant that you discourage people who will most likely not perform the desired action , sign up or purchase, once they reach your site. You can do this by stating the price of the product.
  • The last line is the display URL. This is the website address that you want displayed at the bottom of your ad. This is not necessarily the webpage that your ad will redirect people to. This is also under your control, you will have entered this URL when setting up your ad but is not displayed.
  • You must realize that you have a very limited space in which to make your pitch so make sure that your ads make a powerful point.

Advantages of using Google include
  • Wide exposure. Google has the largest network on the Internet so you are guaranteed maximum exposure with your google adwords campaign
  • You have control over your cost per click. This allows you some control over your budget. You can also learn ways of having your ad ranking high although your cost per click is low
  • You can target your ads to certain websites
  • You can predetermine how much you pay per day
  • You can test your ads
  • You can run multiple ads

Tips on placing Google Adwords

What you are aiming to do is get your google ad to show in position 3 to 6 on the SERP of your chosen keyword without paying a fortune for it. Positioning of google ads is based on Cost per click and Quality score. If you have a high cost per click, a web site with a lower bid could rank higher than you by having a better quality score.

To ensure a good quality score
  • Make sure that your landing page is relevant  to the wording of your ad. So if your ad suggests that your site is about Granny |Smith Apples, then your site must have a write up on Granny Smith apples. If your landing page is not relevant to your ads wording, google will penalize you. This often means that you either end up paying really high bid amounts or your ad could be discontinued.
  • Use A close knit group of keywords. Choice of keywords is a large topic and well beyond the scope of this article. All we can advise is that your keywords be very relevant to your website and super targeted.
  • In the wording of your ad, place your keyword more than once.
  • Always run two similar ads and keep testing. You can always bump the poorer performing ad and replace it with a different version. Just keep testing
There are two products i would suggest for a complete guide to using google adwords. If you are going to use adwords i strongly suggest you get one of these training products or you may fin yourself out of pocket pretty quickly.

Each of the products gives you a detailed guide to using Google adwords. Do not get both just select one and stick to it

  • The first product  is one of the first ebooks i bought on Google adwords and i have no regrets. It has obviously since been updated and is well respected reference guide for adwords users. It now comes with about 20 video tutorials as well. It will cost you about $70 and comes with a whole bunch of bonuses. Google cash also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and you do not even have to give back the bonuses.

To learn more click here.

Even if you do not buy the product, i strongly suggest you subscribe to the free email course which has a lot of useful tips

  • This second product is the guide of all guides. It is truly the definitive guide to Google adwords by the top adword guru himself.
I have this guide, refer to it often and through applying just one of the tips i learned here i was able to reduce my cost per click to one third, yes one third, my original cost.

If you only get one product this is it.

Learn more about the definitive guide by clicking here

Again if you do not buy, get the free course and read it. This really is the master of google adwords. Get the free course by clicking here

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