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Practical guide to niche research for the affiliate marketing newbie

Let's get straight to it!!

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Now the quick and dirty, but effective way of researching uncovering a profitable niche.

This article is for the affiliate marketing newbie. In this i describe a cost free method of finding possible niches for your affiliate marketing campaign.
Advanced affiliate marketers will probably have earned enough money for the niche research software that automates the process described below.
To learn more about that software click here.

Back to the newbie method that actually works!

Think of your favorite product or hobby or skill

Now go to overture keyword tool and type in each of the following phrases PLUS your keyword.

[Unfortunately, yahoo has stopped updating the overture keyword tool so all results displayed are for January 2007. Although this is not current, it is still a useful tool. A good alternative can be used for free by signing up here]

How to, help with, courses on, learn, troubleshoot, guide to, problem with, books on, training on, etc.

I am sure you get the trend.

Copy each list of results and paste it on a notepad.

To clarify if your chosen topic is weight loss then you type into overture

How to lose weight - and note the results
Books on weight loss - then note the results
Problems with losing weight - by now your note pad is bulging at the seams
Lose weight faster etc

Whatever you can think of that a person might type in to SOLVE A PROBLEM with 'weight loss' for example, you should do an overture keyword search for.

Now you have a list of about a hundred possible keywords.

The results will tell you how often each keyword has been searched for in Yahoo during the month of January 2007

To run a successful affiliate marketing campaign, you want to select search terms with a monthly count of at least 1000.

Next do a google search for the appropriate keyword phrases you have retrieved from overture. Look on the top right hand corner to see the number of sites that cater to these keywords.

Now eliminate from your notepad list the keywords that have over 1 million sites listed. They are just too competitive!

Now look down the right side of your google results [better known as SERPS page] see if these keywords are triggering any google ads.

If yes, may be good if you want to build a site generating revenue from google adsense because these ads will be displayed on your website once you join the adsense program. [A lot more on adsense in the website and a future article.]

If you wish to build a website promoting affiliate programs and may want to use this term to promote yourself in the google adwords program, then you need to find out how many adsense ads are returned. If there are many adsense ads, this could be bad for you because you may need high bids on your search term to show on page 1 of SERPs [Google results page]

To find out how many adword ads are competing for your chosen key phrase, scroll down to the bottom of the results page.

At the bottom of the ads, you will see a tab which says more sponsored links. Click on this and it will show you other google ads for your keyword

Now go back to your notepad. If you are targeting google adsense as your source of revenue delete any keyword phrases that do not have google ads displayed on the Search engine results page.

If you want to promote an affiliate product using adwords, then delete the keywords that have loads of ads on the SERPs page

This should help narrow down your keyword list to just a few.

There is a good software that automates the above process and gives you the results at the click of a mouse which i have used with profitable results for a few months now. My business actually improved dramatically when I started using and applying the results of this software. To visit the site and make your own judgement on this tool, click here

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