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Article Marketing | Bum Marketing - Crucial Article Writing Tips

The point of bum marketing is to write articles that
  • Are interesting and informative
  • Rank well with the search engines
  • Are directly related to your niche
  • Are easy to read
Each of your articles must be attention grabbing. It must stimulate the reader's imagination. You must give your reader enough information in your article to capture there attention, but stop short so that they will click on your signature link to learn more. Whet there appetites but don't give them everything. Give them a tasty teaser of what your site has to offer.

All these factors are important if you are going to successfully use bum marketing to drive traffic to your website.

  Crucial article writing tips

Article Title: You must pay attention to the following tips
  • Attention Grabbing Title: You have to realize that when your article is displayed in the article directories, the only thing your potential visitors will see is your title. Right there among about 30 other titles. All vying for attention. You must craft your title in a manner that will get attention. Just take a look at an article directory in your niche. Look at the articles list and note which ones jump out at you. Perhaps you can adopt that style

  • Keywords: Try and include your keywords in your article title and if possible try and make sure your keyword is the first word in your article title. Goes a long way for SEO

  • Clarity and specificity: Your title should clearly express what your article is about. You will lose reputation if your article titles imply one thing and the content is on some other thing. Think of all those emails you have received from affiliate marketers titled 'payment notification' When you open up the email, they rant on about how their product can ensure genuine payment notification emails. Enter spam filter.
Article Body:
  • Problem solving: The most successful articles in the bum marketing method are the problem solving articles and the 'how to do it' articles. If when writing the body of your article, you cannot specifically state what question you are answering, what problem you are solving or what tips you are sharing, then the article is not going to do well.

  • Use white space and bullet points: People are innately lazy. You have managed to grab their attention with your awesome title and they have click on your article. And then they see a page full of words. Whoa!! They are clicking on faster than you can blink. No one wants to work hard to get the information they are looking for. A very busy article is hard work. Use white space, bullet points, subheadings, fonts whatever to break up the page a little.

  • Make your article scanable: Your articles should be written in a manner that anyone scanning the page can get a feel of what you are on about. This is easily accomplished by using subheadings and bolded fonts.

  • Search Engine Optimization [SEO]: An absolute must do when writing articles for submission to article directories. Your bum marketing article, if accepted by the article directories, is basically the content of a webpage. So when you are writing it, you need to apply some HTML to your article. Keyword density, latent semantic indexing, the lot!! Because the search engines will view your accepted article as any other webpage, your articles ranking in the search engines [I refer to search engine position here and not page rank]will partly depend on the search engine optimization you have applied when formatting your article. Click On page search engine optimization to learn more. Remember, if your articles are on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords, you could get a shed load of free traffic to your site.

Signature or Biobox: Craft your bio box wisely.
  • Use a bio that will make people want to click on your link. Make it eye catching and compelling. Words like discover, tips, free guide are very useful

  • Use an anchor link to your site ie Affiliate Marketing Guide  not Use the keyword you want your site to rank for as your anchor text. Some article submission sites have follow links. This could go a long way in increase your website's ranking in the search engines. Remember to vary it from time to time. The search engines do not like it if all the links to a website have the exact same anchor

  • Use a biobox in each and every article you submit!!! This one is so obvious but you will be surprised at how often you will come across articles with no links back to the author's website

To discover more article marketing tips click  here

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