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Article Marketing | Bum Marketing Step by Step Guide

We will now go through bum marketing in a step by step fashion

You do not have to follow this guide but these are the methods that work .

Before you embark on this bum marketing project, you need to be prepared to put in a few hours of work to see results

Preparations before writing your bum marketing articles.

Identify a profitable niche

Niche research is covered elsewhere on this site. Read the article on niche research and make sure you understand it. This is crucial to the success of your bum marketing campaign.

You do not have to limit yourself to one niche but to start with select just one niche. Once you have got results i.e money from this one campaign then you can role things out to other niches


Identify the exact  keywords people are typing into the search engines to access your niche. A free tool can be found here

What you want are keywords that have a high search volume and are designed to be problem solving. So for example how to stop snoring naturally is a more appropriate choice than snoring

Research material for your articles

Good sources include
  • Your own knowledge base and experience
  • Article sites e.g ezinearticles.
A few tips when doing your research

  • Pay attention to what the titles of other articles that rank well online are.
  • At the article sites, there is a list in each category of the most active articles. These are very active because they rank well in the search engines and they have attention grabbing, problem solving titles. Study the structure of those articles.

Start writing article

Your aim initially should be to write and submit at least one article a day.

Read crucial article writing tips for a guide on how to structure your articles and get the most out of them.

As you get better at writing articles you should try to increase this to 5 articles a day. Do this for 1 month and you will see results. Great results. I am talking from my personal experience

Submit your articles to article submission sites as you write them. This means you will initially be submitting one article a day but you are going to build this up

Remember, the more articles you write, the more exposure you will get.

Article submission sites that I recommend include

Get the course on bum marketing here

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