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Article Marketing | Bum Marketing, a basic guide

This is a quick guide to bum marketing. Here we will go over the basics of bum marketing. On other pages of this website. we will go into bum marketing in finer detail

Bum marketing is a method of advertising that is very effective and will only cost you time.

It is a variation of article marketing that gained popularity a couple of years ago and  is still very effective tosay

Bum marketing is so called because it is said that even a 'Bum' can make money using this method.

The term is said to have first been coined by Travis Sago

Bum marketing is great because it really will not cost you any money and will yield great returns both in the short term and long term

And what are these returns?

  • Increased traffic to your website. Not just any old traffic, but  a stream of targeted visitors that have already been presold on whatever your website is about

  • Increased exposure for your message or product

  • Improved website ranking with the search engines due to increased website popularity as seen by the search engines

  • Build your reputation as an expert in the field.

So how do you go about bum marketing?

Bum marketing simply is article marketing. You write a whole bunch of articles on a topic related to your niche and submit them to article sites for publication. Every major article site has a bio box in which you can put a short bio of yourself including a backlink to your website.

When your articles, with bio box filled appropriately are accepted and published, the whole world and his dog can view it free online.

Article submission sites allow other people to copy and use your article as long as they do not alter the content and include your bio box with it's live link to your website.

If your article is really good, a whole bunch of webmasters will republish your article on their websites.

Think about it for a second.

-You write one good article
-Your article with back links to your money making website gets published on an article submission site
-1000 webmasters see your article
-100 of them copy your article to your website
-How many back links do you have pointing back to your website?
-100. [Just from one well written article]

Now here is the big question

What if you wrote 10, just 10, articles in a week and submitted them for publication.
With the same viewing rate, you will have 1000 backlinks to your site. Now no prizes for guessing what that will do for your search engine ranking.

Get the Bum Marketing course here

To view our detailed step by step guide to bum marketing click Bum Marketing Step by step

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