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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: Affiliate Brainstorm

So you have decided that you want to primarily target Affiliate revenue with your website.

Note that I said Primarily. You can also put adsense on your affiliate promoting website.

Now that you have a chosen niche, you need to go out and find a product in your niche that you wish to promote.

In affiliate marketing, you can of course promote more than one product but I advise that you only promote one product per page. This has two major advantages

  • You can optimize that page for only one product or set of search terms. That way your webpage can rank high in the search engines.

  • Your visitor does not get distracted by other products on the same page

How to chose products to promote

This can be very tricky and for this you need to put yourself in your future visitor's seat

Is it a product you would buy? If you wouldn't buy it, why on earth would you expect someone else to?

Is the products site user friendly? Avoid products whose site is slow to load or difficult to navigate.

Have they got a strong reputation? Check with Better Business Bureau  at

Do they have a good affiliate history? Check out affiliate forums or just do a google search on them

What form of payment do they take? You want to give your referrals more options. It would not be too good for business if you generate loads of traffic, presell them on a product, send them to the products site and have them quit on you because the site only takes paypal!

Do they have a money back guarantee? And how long is that for?

What is their after sales service like?

How soon do they deliver? If not a digital product. Digital products tend to be delivered immediately

WHAT IS THE DURATION OF THEIR COOKIE? Amazon has a one day cookie which puts a lot of pressure on you to generate an immediate sale. The good news is most affiliate programs have a cookie life of at least one month. But you must check in your chosen program's terms of service to be certain.

How often do they pay their affiliates?

You really need to investigate the product thoroughly before promoting it on your website. If it is a dud, then your reputation is at stake!

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