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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: Advanced Adsense Tips

Get serious with Adsense. The potential for profit is tremendous. These advanced tips on setting up your adsense campaign are essential if you are serious about making serious money with adsense

  • Have a very focussed niche:
Niche sites are great for adsense because they attract a specific type of client i.e those interested in that niche. If you have built a niche specific site with niche specific content, the Google adsense code will contain ads relevant to that niche. It therefore stands to reason that your site's visitors will be interested in some of the adsense ads displayed on your pages
  • Optimize each page for one keyword only:

One of the determinants for what adsense ads are displayed on your pages is the keywords that your website is optimized for. If you are optimized for one keyword, the chances that the adsense code will deliver ads that are highly relevant to your pages is higher. Of course there is the risk of choosing a keyword that no adsense ads are targetting. It is easy to check this by using the tips on our Basic guide to Google adsense article.

If you are going after too many keywords on the same page, the risk is getting adsense ads displayed that are not very relevant to your content. Remember that the less relevant the adsense ads are, the less likely they are of generating a click.

Or worse still you could end up with public service ads displayed on your site

  • Format your adsense ads to blend in with your content:
At least to start with. Use colours that match the colours of the content on your website. Use the universally accepted colour for links which is blue for the clickable links on your adsense blocks.

Also use open air format [no borders on the adsense ads].

Test this format for say 100 unique visitors to your website. Note the click through rate and the average amount generated per click

Now change just one aspect of your adsense block, let us say the colour of the headline for example. Wait another 100 unique visitors and then reassess what your click through rate is. If it is better, then keep the header the new colour and then change one other thing.

The point is you have to test different components of your ad format to see which one will generate the greatest amount of clicks.

I can almost hear some of you thinking 'But the latest $40 book on adsense says we should use this or that format' I know for a fact that no one format works best on all sites. You need to test different formats and positions on your site to see which converts the best.

And talking about positions....

  • Position Your Adsense Ads above the Fold of the page:
This really is one adsense tip that I find works every time. You must have an adsense block above the fold of the page. internet users are inherently impatient. If you want your website's visitor to notice something, your really have to put it right under his or her nose.

Obviously test other ad positions as well.
Heat maps have shown that the eyes tend to naturally go to the top left side of a web page. Place an adsense unit there
  • Size of Adsense Unit:
This is a big one.

Some people swear by the Medium rectangle format [300 by 250] and I must say I am somewhat partial to that format myself .

Others say it is the banner format [468 by 60] that works best. My advice is to test both. On this site I tested both formats and found the medium rectangle worked best so medium triangle it is. On another of my sites it is the skyscraper format that yielded clicks with click through action.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a difference in the amount paid to you if the ad is just clicked compared to ads that are clicked and then action taken at the landing site. referred to as smart pricing

  • Track Your Ads Performance:
This is really important if you want to get the most out of your adsense. You need to monitor everything. This is the only way you will find out what's working and what needs to be improved.

There are a few options when it comes to monitoring your ads

Your adsense account:

The adsense account is actually really informative and can be quite an eyeopener if used properly. The channels option is very good in letting you know what is happening on which pages of your site. All you have to do is set up different channels for different pages that way you know which pages are generating the click. Obviously this is only viable if you have a small made for adsense site.

If your site is a large one then you really should invest some money in monitoring or analysis software. The software that I recommend and often used not only tracks your websites visitors, it tells you
  1. where they have come from
  2. What pages generated the clicks
  3. What their ip is
  4. What keywords were used to find your site
  5. What proportion of your visitors clicked on your ads and how often
  6. Stores the information so you can access it at a later date
To learn more click here

  • White Hat Methods:
I really would implore anyone wanting to make an income by building made for adsense sites to throughly study the adsense terms of service and stick to it. It is possible to make a reasonable income from adsense while working within the set out TOS

The information on adsense on this page is a result of other peoples research. DO YOUR OWN ADSENSE RESEARCH. TEST, TEST then TEST again!!

The link below is to a program that teaches you all you need to know to set up a profitable adsense. I have used it in other websites with good results.
Check it out by clicking here

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