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Adsense Brainstorm - Affiliate Marketing Introduction

Let's Go!!

Now you have a list of keywords or keyword phrases that you are passionate about and may yield a profit, what next?

Now you have to decide if you want to build a website

  • Primarily targeting google adsense revenue or
  • Do you want to market affiliate products

The way you build the site for each of the above is slightly different.

To target adsense revenue you need to build a content rich website that is so full of useful information that the site will

  • Grab the visitor's attention
  • Make the visitor want to learn more
  • Make the visitor keep coming back

To Grab your visitor's attention, you need to either

Have unique content. ie some tip of the trade that is not widely known

Create Convenience. Have a collection in one place, your website, of information that is freely available on the web but is scattered in lots of different locations. That is you make it convenient for your visitor because all the information is in one place.

For example, in this website, affiliate marketing introduction, a lot of the information you find here is freely available on the web but scattered over different websites. Affiliate Marketing introduction has brought all this great content together in one place for your convenience. Plus some insider tips!

Have an easy to read webpage. If you have the most exciting content in the world but the font is difficult to read, or the webpage layout is not organized then you will lose visitors. I suggest Verdana for the font style.

How to make your visitors hungry for more

To make your visitor want to learn more you must write in a way that creates some excitement in your visitor. This is why your chosen niche should be one you are passionate about. It would be very difficult to whip up excitement in your visitor if you yourself are stone cold on the subject.

Highlight the benefits of your chosen niche, let him/her know what HE OR SHE will benefit from reading your site.

Add an opt-in newsletter that focuses on some fine point of your niche.

Also let them know that you will be continually updating your site with fresh information

How to keep your visitor coming back

Continually update your site. If your visitor comes back and finds no new content, they will soon lose interest. Continually ad new information, update your existing pages, subscribe to RSS feeds from expert sites in your niche. [Affiliate marketing introduction will cover RSS feeds in a later article]

Get their email!!! Very important. Have an opt-in newsletter on your site. From time to time email them about some news in your chosen niche or updates to your website. You must remember that there are millions and millions of websites on the Internet, all competing for visitors. Your visitors having come across your website may be interested in your content but hey, they forgot to note your URL. An email with some useful bit of information will soon remind them.

For those of you who are interested in building revenue via adsense, this article's purpose is to get your brain into gear. Re-read this page, go out, search and research your content and in about a week I add an article on setting up your pages. You have one week to research your content so GET TO IT.

Below are two programs I used to learn Adsense. You do not need both. They are reasonably inexpensive and are both in video format

This is a comprehensive program
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  • Advanced adsense tips
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  • Adsense tracking tips
  • 20 powerful ways to skyrocket your adsense click through rate
  • How and where to source volumes of highly productive adsense traffic
  • How to format your adsense ads text
  • How to monetize your adsense traffic further
  • A series of about 10 high quality videos
Cost: $117

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This Man Makes $600 Per Day From AdSense

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Also in Video format
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  • The basics of setting up adsense
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  • How to test your campaigns
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