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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: This is a free guide to affiliate marketing that the beginner can understand and implement immediately. The tips in this affiliate marketing guide are tested before inclusion here

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and effective method of making money on the Internet WITHOUT having your own product

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Affiliate marketing introduction seeks to give a clear and concise explanation of or guide to the online home based business of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is great because anyone with a laptop, Internet connection and some imagination can set up an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing introduction contains all the knowledge and tips you require to set up your own money making website, using affiliate marketing methods

We give you no guarantee of income but the methods described and explained on this site have been and still are used successful by affiliate marketers worldwide.

Finally it is not in the reading of the site that there is potential for profit, but in implementing the lessons you have learned.

What you will learn from this site
What you will need for this business
  • Your brain!!
  • A good computer, preferably a laptop [can take it to the park or beach]
  • Broadband connection
  • Some money to buy a domain name, get a hosting account and maybe buy some study material once you have understood and used all the content of this affiliate marketing introduction site.

What are the personality traits you require to get involved in affiliate marketing

  • Self belief
  • Determination
  • Self discipline
  • Imagination
  • Ability to stick with a project
  • Patience
  • No aversion to sitting behind a computer for hours on end
  • Focus

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There is NO EASY WAY of making money legally


There is NO WAY you are going to make money without some investment of your own, time and money


There is NO WAY of consistently making money without doing some HOMEWORK


If you are an average adult with minimal computing skills, you have what it takes to start your own affiliate marketing business

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